Yeah, so…

Here’s what I’m trying to do tonight.  I have these book donations in my inbox and it’s been a week since I’ve posted here and in a lovely turn of events it appears that the staph, it is back.
The surgeon said on Monday I looked all healed and yesterday I got another painful nodule.  My appointment to see the doctor is tomorrow morning and I did okay for most of the day pretending I wasn’t in blinding-white pain, but now that I’m done with my day and went on my meetings and did my job I couldn’t take the pain anymore so now I’m on a Vicodin.
This means I’m blogging on drugs, which I don’t recommend.  Blogger also changed their format so now I keep putting HTML where they don’t need me to and I’m getting confused.
This also means that while I’m posting book donation letters, sometimes I just might feel the need to say “Hey!” because that’s what you do when you’re typing and kind of high.
Hey, we hit the 300 mark on donations.  That’s awesome.  Hey, some of you who donated last year haven’t yet this year.  I mean, you don’t have to, but remember how good you felt about sending over a children’s book?  I’m just sayin’.
Hey, here’s what sucks.  My toes are kind of tingly and numb and the cat’s passed out next to my leg and it’s finally not really hot in here and all I have to do is copy and paste some letters but I’m still in pain.  I don’t want to take a second Vicodin (that’s what the prescription bottle says, but two makes me dumb and sleepy), but the pain is still here.  So I’m going to type through the pain.
Thirteen hours until my doctor’s appointment.  I’ve got about thirteen donation letters to go. 
This is the dangerous side of blogging.  I have no editor. 

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