This looks the same to you…

But it’s very different for me. You see, I’m writing this post on my fancy new computer that I bought because I get to write another fancy book for Downtown Press. I haven’t bought a computer since I was a junior in college. My ancient iMac kept crashing (and doesn’t travel well), and my dad’s old laptop has a thirty-minute battery life due to a bug in that version of the computer. So: enter my new, shiny iBook. I love it already.

I’ve been waiting to announce this because I’ve learned it’s never over until the contract’s signed. I got the go-ahead from my editor yesterday that I could let all of you know. I’m hard at work on another novel for S&S. I’ll post details like pub date, title and synopsis as they’re available (don’t hold your breath… it’ll be sometime next year). As for the last novel, it’s on hold for now.

We’re moving in three weeks.
The wedding is pretty soon.
I am not going to panic.

We met our wonderful cake lady on Monday. When you hear “cake lady” you assume you’re going to deal with a semi-crazy lady who has a perpetual smudge of flour on her cheek. But our cake lady is not only sane, she’s really pretty and has a beautiful home. I’m not just saying that because she fed us tasty cakes. I don’t recommend ever eating cake at ten in the morning after a drive through the mountains, though. Just a little tip from this bride to all y’all.

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