“Life after death is still life.”

Selections from “Famous Ghost Monologues,” written and directed by Sarah D. Bunting, will take place over three performances at The Abingdon Theatre, 312 West 36th Street, NYC, from August 5-7, 2004 at 8:00 PM.  Tickets are $15.  The Executive Producers of “Famous Ghost Monologues” are Sarah D. Bunting and Hala Lettieri, with Associate Producer John Chatterton.  Bunting premiered the monologues on her website, Tomato Nation, beginning in April of 2003. 

Vignettes from everyday afterlife, “The Famous Ghost Monologues” draw the veil aside to ask what becomes of the spirit after the body is gone.  The answer: Not a whole lot.  The world of the spirits isn’t much different from the world of the living, evidently — it’s just harder to get a library card.  Or a ride.  In the small-town cemetery all of them share, vanishing hitchhikers, Latin teachers, Union soldiers, Harley girls, and frustrated dandies tell their stories — what happens after death and what doesn’t, who they miss, how they pass the time.
The cast includes Kellie Aiken, Gita Borovsky, Adam Chimera, John Grady, Alexandra Lynn, Gary Martins, Kelly McConkey, Hala Lettieri, Michael Marion, Richard O’Keeffe, and Jaime-Lynn Regnemer.
Tickets are available here, or by calling (212) 868-4444. 

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