Letter From a Lakeside Branch Librarian

Dear Pamie,

Many thanks to all of the people who have purchased books for the Lakeside Library. Best sellers, history, legal guides and reference books have come in from Washington, Texas, New York and even, London, England! Just the other day, I had a customer who needed a book on how to become a legal guardian for a child. I noticed that our copy was lost. I put a new edition on my wish list and within days I had it in my hands. Talk about real time collection development!

As other librarians for our system have commented, the library has been a great resource of comfort and rebuilding for members of our communities. Though our community was especially hard hit by the wildfires last fall, Lakeside’s renowned “cowboy spirit” has pulled them through. To read more about Lakeside and our history, visit the Lakeside Historical Society’s website.

Thank you, Pamela, for raising awareness about the plight of libraries in San Diego county, but of libraries everywhere.

Donna Ohr
Branch Librarian
Lakeside Branch Library
(619) 443-1660

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