Letter From a Campo Branch Librarian

I was so surprised when I got to work this morning and opened my email to find a message from Betty Waznis of our Aquisition Department. She forwarded messages from your customers who had purchased books from our Amazon Wish List. I have to confess that the email had me in tears. As I stood at my computer and read of their generousity and comments, I was filled with such love and hope for our small branch and community. My husband and three children have lived in Campo since 1980, and my grandmother homesteaded here in 1929. My father, who is a young 86, is so excited that the small town where he grew up is finally getting a new library, more than four times its current size. Our local Friends of the Library have worked so hard for many years to see the new library become a reality and we can’t wait to move into a larger facility. One of our concerns, with such a small book budget, not to mention cutbacks everywhere, is how we could afford to get the books we needed to increase the collection. Your generous readers bring me such hope and faith that this will happen. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program, and please thank your readers for their generous gifts of books and loving thoughts for our little branch.


Vickie Mulrean
San Diego County Library
Campo-Morena Village Branch Op. Manager

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