My Brain While Reading Entertainment

My Brain While Reading Entertainment Weekly Tonight:

They made a Punky Brewster DVD?! That’s AWESOME!

Yay, David Sedaris!

PJ Harvey! And Sonic Youth! And Skinny Puppy! I never have to discover new music. (But if you’re wondering what we’re listening to that’s semi-new, we have been playing this Dizzee Rascal CD loudly and often.)

Ooh, Stephen King and I love the same line from Ghostbusters. “And the flowers are still standing!” It’s such a throwaway line that most people don’t know the quote, but it’s the funniest line in the movie with a perfect delivery.

And then: Oh. I think I might be old.

Hey, in that crap pantyhose entry, I totally ended with the words “the writing process.” Who the fuck do I think I am? What a dork.

I have no process. I write. I get mad at it. I hate it. I wonder why I ever bothered to learn to type. I write more. I write until I want to throw it away. Then I let someone else read it. And then someone else. And then someone else. Then I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite and then more people read it and I rewrite and eventually it’s good enough that important people read it and decide my fate. That’s not really a process so much as it is “The Way It Goes.”

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