Hotlanta and Gilmore Girls.

I’m in the living room of Al and Chris watching AB and Al Google some ex-boyfriend of AB’s. That’s what friends do four hours after picking up friends from an airport. Chris wants to play some new game he bought called “Stare.” That’s probably what we’ll do once Vince is done burning some CD. See, you might think we’re cool, but there are four laptops fired up right now and the wine is everywhere and Chris and stee are debating half-naked photos of Lindsey Lohan (boob job) while Al and AB are debating older photos of someone on the internet, not to mention whether this site is real.

And my Gilmore Girls recap is up. You May Now Kiss the Wench: Weddings, finals, beginnings and endings. Lorelai and Luke get closer as Rory runs to CuteDean again in a moment of stress. MamaLane and Lane come just shy of hiring lawyers to repair their relationship. Sookie and Jackson fight like lovers do. Luke’s sister marries a DeLuise. Horse in the Dragonfly, shoo, horse, shoo.

Al and Chris’ wedding photos are pretty. I can’t believe that was a year and a half ago.

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