pam and dan are busy.

I spent most of the weekend either sleeping, eating with friends, writing or rehearsing. It doesn’t make for very good journal fodder. I’m working on a show with a friend of mine. Those of you who have written to ask for the details — I’ll share them when I have more to say about it. It’s still in the early stages and we haven’t booked a time or space yet, so
there’s no point in going on about it yet.

I had originally started this as an entry, but after I wrote the above paragraph I stared at my monitor for ten minutes. Then I wrote a sentence about how great my roast chicken turned out Saturday night. And then, for the sake of everyone, I deleted that sentence, changed the entry into a quick blog post and moved on. You’re welcome.

Gilmore Girls recap

Dan, I’m wishing you DSLspeed.

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