I know how to pick ’em.


I know you’re with Stee, but I thought I’d update you on one of your former boyfriends.

This past weekend, Amy and her husband, Dana, went to a nice Italian restaurant in Sherman Oaks. Although they had reservations, the restaurant was running behind, so Dana and Amy went to the bar and waited for their table.

A few minutes later, a party of four entered and walked over to the bar. Amy knew one of the guys was Fred Schneider, lead singer of the B-52s, but wasn’t sure about the other guy. Dana told Amy it was Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters. Amy loves the FFs, but I don’t think she knew which one Dave was. The other two members were Dave’s wife (I’m assuming, based on the description Amy gave me) and some producer guy Amy thought looked familiar but couldn’t think of his name.

Dave’s group walked over to the bar to wait for their table, and Dave ended up standing right next to my sister. Dana went to use the men’s room and while he was gone, Amy tapped Dave on the shoulder. Dave turned around, smiled and said to her, “Salute.”

Amy told him she understood he was out and she didn’t want to bother him, but she wanted to tell him how much she loved The Foo Fighters and how much they rocked, etc. Amy said Dave was really nice to her and said thanks and then he stuck out his hand. She said she looked at it for a few seconds, then realized she probably should shake it, so she did.

After they were all seated, Amy and Dana sent Dave a bottle of wine with a note stating something like: Dave, your song “Times Like These” played a big part of our wedding and means a lot to us. Please accept this bottle of wine as our way of saying thanks.”

Amy said their waiter was very cool and told them Dave was totally stoked about the wine and the note and insisted on buying Dana and Amy dessert. Amy and Dana said “No, no, that’s okay,” but the waiter stated that Dave insisted, so Amy and Dana had Cannoli and cappucino, courtesy of my famous boyfriend, Dave Grohl.


How were the two women at the table not Allison and me? I don’t understand.

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