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Hello & thank you,

     I bought your book Why Girls are Weird yesterday at Target while shopping with my mom and sis- by the way I sacrificed buying a very cute purse in order to buy your book instead (lol) so I was hoping the book would turn out to be a good read after all. I finished reading it about an hour ago, and I wanted to tell you how much I loved it. The story reminded me a lot of a couple friends of mine, one who has an online journal herself, and another who is witty and sarcastic like your character Anna Koval. I plan to let both of them borrow the book soon so they can experience it for themselves.
          The book made me think a lot about this whole online -journal -internet -website shpeel and I think I’m glad I’ve never created one. I like my journal I keep at home (the low-tech kind with pen and paper) just fine. I was also thinking about celebrities when I finished reading the book, and something I heard Oprah say when I was watching her show- lately she’s been having a lot of women (actors) on and she’s been telling them to keep their personal lives private – basically a warning that publicized info will come back later to bite them in the butt. I got the same kind of feeling from your book, and I’m glad you wrote about it because I think that other people will get the same idea (when they read it), and they’ll realize they’ve been acting like lunatics, demanding to know every intimate detail of say, Jennifer Lopez’s life. It’s second nature to forget that celebrities are real people with real lives and not entertaining toys for the enjoyment of their audience.
          Anyway, just getting that out there- hope you enjoy yet another fan email from me,

16-year-old Sarah in California

ps. I also read your entry about Michael Jackson– I hope he’s innocent too.

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