meta meta

Caren Lissner reads my blog, and might read my book.

Which means she read that I didn’t like her cover.

I would love to say I continually find myself in the role of “accidental asshole,” but after years of getting email from actors/producers/directors who read our recaps at TWoP, you’d think I’d stop putting my foot in my damn mouth. On the Internet.

I really did like Carrie Pilby, and wondered why it also got the “chick lit” label. It’s no more Chick Lit than The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I’m not just saying that because she’s reading this, maybe, right now.

And also, to the Johnny Depp fansite people who may have stumbled on this site, I wasn’t saying there’s anything wrong with your fansite, it’s just not something I normally do. See, I write for like, bizarro fansite sites, where we pretend we’re way too cool to be fans, even though we are, because see, not that those of you who read/write for/run those sites are too cool for school or snobby or anything, because truly, you see…


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