Hi, hi, hi. What good is a blog if you don’t occasionally post after you’ve had some wine, while stee plays Tony Hawk next to you, when you’re just about to go to bed? That’s why they invented blogs, so it’s easy enough that you can see what I’d write if I ever wrote entries when I’m buzzed. Hi, here’s one.

I have a couple of meetings and a rehearsal tomorrow, so I won’t be doing any updating. And I haven’t really had time to write “entries” lately. I’d feel guilty about it, but there’s this here blog which I pretty much update almost every day, and that’s more than I ever wrote on the journal. Why would someone like the journal and not the blog, or vice versa? I don’t get it. Oh, I’ve just bored myself. Moving on.

No more talking about blogging.

Talked to Dan on the phone for a while tonight, which is one of my favorite things. Actually, one of my favorite things is talking to Dan in person, preferably when someone is serving us food, but I’ll take what I can get, as he lives so very far away.

My knees are tingling. I would assume it’s from the wine, but I also went running today and while I was running I was thinking about how people say that running is bad for your joints, and I was thinking about how I’ve never had a joint problem since I started running, so then I wondered if it was some kind of excuse or if it’s just that I’m young enough that I won’t have joint problems until I’m older, and then beacause I thought about it too much I thought I might have tweaked my knee just a little on a bend, and then my knee was kind of hurting but then I forgot about it and now my knee is tingling a little. So is it the wine, or will I be sore tomorrow?

I need to go drink some water before I go to sleep. I must look decent in the morning. I have meetings! Must be entertaining. Must want to make people work with me. Must put on the nice face for the inevitable rejection.

Imagine every day at random points during the day, near strangers walked up to you, looked you in the face and went, “No.” That’s kind of what we do here in Los Angeles. That’s the closest I could describe it.

I think stee’s done playing Tony Hawk. That means I’m off to brush my teeth and use THE SOAP.


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