Burning the Midnight Oil

A rare midnight post. I’m working at “Reality Show Coming To a Television Near You That There’s A 68% Chance Dan Will Have To Recap At Some Point.” In the past, this is when I’d fill my break with cigarettes and coffee. If there’s one thing I miss about my days at IBM years and years ago, it’s the fact that I had enjoyable smoke breaks with very good company.

Man. I don’t even have anything to write about. People have been asking lately, “So what have you been up to?” This is because the holidays happened and now it’s almost February, and when I see people, they are genuinely interested because my friends have manners and it’s a very normal question to ask. But then I’m all, “Um… nothing.” And then with even the slightest amount of prodding, a stream of information comes pouring out of my mouth about all of the different projects I’m working on, hoping will pan out, waiting on, sitting on, whatever. And then that person is sorry they asked, because inevitably I say, “But, you know, nothing’s really happening. Just waiting.” And it’s true. Dan suggested I tell people, “Well, I’ve been busy. And busy is always good.”

So, I’m busy being busy this week, which must be a good thing. And I’ve been pretty busy like this all month and will continue to for the next month, which means the journal portion of pamie.com will undoubtedly suffer a hit.

Man, I guess I feel pretty guilty about having nothing I can discuss over here. I keep coming over to the blog with, “Still alive!” And all I do is mention when I’ve been drinking, which makes me sound lushy. The fact is most of the stuff that’s going on I can’t or don’t want to talk about, since there are contracts and negotiations and waiting around on things or people or months in the future. I spend all day writing and working, sometimes seeing friends, working on a new show, waiting on news, and when that’s all over there’s nothing to say here because I had another day where I worked, probably saw a movie, maybe wrote a recap, talked on the phone and — at least for the next few weeks — went to work at a reality show on the night shift.

And yes, I’m aware of the irony that I’m a struggling writer who would love to get a job writing for television, but there aren’t too many jobs for scripted television or scripted television slots because there are more and more reality shows. In a related note, I’ll be recapping the new season of The Osbournes.

Maybe I should tell you old stories about me, or post old pamie.com entries or something. I don’t want you to feel like I’m ignoring you. But then I should live my life guilt-free, right? This site isn’t my job. I don’t get paid for this. I PAY for this, actually. I should come here when I want, and write what I want. And I don’t really enjoy writing about writing about a blog. Oh, man. I hate when I become who I hate!

Aw, forget it. Maybe I’ll come up with something by tomorrow. Stee’s recap for The Newlyweds is up.

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