Fan Mail

I let my grandmother (who is a writer) read your book.
This is her response….

[readermail]I have a 75 yr old memory but here’s about what I said, “After slushing through the obscene first chapter, I noticed that the author did know a variety of words and so I proceeded to read. Somewhere along the line I discovered a plot that gradually became more interesting and around the end of the book, I almost liked it. However, I will admit that it gave me a glimpse of what your generation is like. I do realize that every generation is different from the previous ones usually regarding some kind of progress. The only so-called progress I saw in that book was a complete absence of morality. Perhaps i still need to know more about your generation. So- did you write that book incognito or did a friend of yours write it? Actually I did not think the girls were as weird as much as “needy.”

Thank you for coming last night. I always enjoy your company.
Love, Grandma[/readermail]

I have email from people who find it appalling that birth control methods aren’t discussed in the book when people are having sex. Do you want to read, “He slid on the condom, and pulled at the end, just like we were taught in school”? Is that something that makes you go, “Wow! This is just like life! I love this book!”

Where are your morals? Are you “needy”?

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