we got out in time

Dan, it looks like we dumped Friendster before it grabbed us into its cult clutches. People are finding it impossible to break up with now because they removed the option. [thanks, Jon, for the link].

I’m sorry I’ve been gone. I have a good excuse. I’m pitching a project at the same time I have both a new script and manuscript out, all while temping for The Bachelorette 2. I’ve barely seen the inside of my house this week. Taylor ran to the door the other night when I got home. Taylor. Who hates all. But cross your fingers for me. This is the best kind of busy, and I’m hoping at least one of these things gets sold. These are the projects I’ve been working on all year, and now they’re all happening at the same time. It’s overwhelming, but fun. I am now three weeks behind in email.

Did I mention I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner next week? I’m going to have to ask Santa for a vacation.

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