Today’s theme: reminding you of who’s really on the Internet

Then there are days when I get email like this. Wanna flatter me? Start out by misspelling my name, and then mentioning you really have no idea who I am. Always end with a compliment!

Dear Pammie,

Just found your website. I was snooping around on the
off chance that someone had posted a list of songs
that women thought were really sexy. I’m a performer
who wants to be hot, damn hot on stage! I want to hear
you telling me to get my kit off!

So I’m going to have to ask every woman I can find
what they think are sexy songs, what songs they’ve
heard that have had them thinking the singer was dead

I’d really appreciate that. Especially from a great
writer like you.


Rob Sturgess.

Because he thamked me, I think we should give him a list of the un-sexiest songs of all time. What song hollows you out inside and makes you wish people would stop touching you?

For me it’s “American Pie.” The song makes me nauseous.

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