How To Be Cool

Pamie, help!!!

I just received the newest product endorsement email from Glark, and – god, I’m so ashamed – I don’t get it. Here’s the link.

Can you please help me? I hate being out of the loop. Like when I was in seventh grade and that hooch Shirley had all of these inside jokes with her stupid puppy dog friends. Yes, my soul still burns with hatred for that girl, but that’s beside the point. The REAL point is I want to know the low down on that shirt, and I’m too embarrassed to ask Mr. Glark himself.

Thanks Pamie. You make me want to shimmy.


Dear Emily,

I have no idea. Some kind of science fiction toy thing. I asked stee, and he said, “I don’t know. I didn’t play with that shit. I was out having fun. Getting sun. I didn’t geek out over toys and shirts.”

So, you know, it’s much cooler that you have no idea. Neither do we.


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