For Your Consideration…

This is the time of year when the trade papers are full of ads asking the guilds to keep their films in mind when voting for upcoming awards. Some of these ads crack me up. My favorite one had always been “For Your Consideration: Best Actress — Vanessa Williams in Shaft.” I still laugh whenever I think of it. It was so serious.

But today I saw the best one. You have to take in the entire ad to truly understand how outrageous it is. How audacious.


it reads across the top. Then, a photo of Kate Hudson holding a tiny sweater dog in her arms. Kate’s face is a frozen grin, both sets of teeth visible and her forehead scrunched up in a “Love Me” plea. Flirting with her is the (insert adjective-of-the-week) McConaughey.

And then it says:

BEST PICTURE (comedy or musical)
BEST ACTOR (comedy or musical) – Matthew McConaughey
BEST ACTRESS (comedy or musical) – Kate Hudson

And then there’s this:

“Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are a total joy together. They’re the new Hepburn and Tracy. Laughs abound and sparks fly across the screen in the most funny [sic] and romantic comedy of the year. Destined to become one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. The perfect date movie.” — Jeffrey K. Howard, ABC NEWS.

If I could follow that quote with pages and pages of blank space, representing the amount of silence that should come after something that amazing, I would.

Instead, I’m going to drink a glass of wine and catch a late showing of Love, Actually. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION — Me. In all categories.

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