pamie went to high school in the Town Without Hope

Tracie’s right. It is a little scary, Dan. But luckily, as I have no musical talents in the slightest, I can only read songs as tiny Dr. Seuss poems. And your song is fantastic in over-stressed iambic pentameter. (Thank you for the story)

Still waiting on plumbers. And the phone’s broken today. You can hear dial-up noises when you’re on the line (we have DSL on the fax line, so it’s not that). But PacHell told us that if they come out here and they determine that the problem with the line is our own fault (?), then they will charge us fifty bucks for the visit. Is that a threat?

Yesterday while talking to Laura, I decided to play a few notes of the Pamie’s House Song. I turned on the kitchen sing, and the piercing wail began. Laura burst into laughter. “How can you live with that? That is insane!”

Later, while driving in the car, I got a phone call from Omar.

“Holy crap!” he said. “Is that the sound of your pipes?”

It took a few seconds before I could breathe again to answer, “That’s Radiohead.”

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