pamie posts between meetings…

This letter just came in:

Pam, I completely forgot to tell you. My friend Liz bought and read your book, and loved it of course, and then memorized two different monologues to use for auditions for her college’s theatre program. She did a selection from the Barbie diaries, and a selection from when [edited for spoiler]. Liz ended up getting cast as Bolette in Parade.

So there you go. Call Pam Crazy: The Pamela Ribon Monologues has begun.

Also it’s been bugging me since I posted it and went on a meeting: I didn’t mean that only rich people are losing their homes. I only meant to say that the fires weren’t reaching us here in the city, with our concrete walls and streets. These wildfires are hitting communities set in the mountains and valleys, where there’s acres and acres of trees, and small communites (yes, some quite wealthy, even gated, but some are little art towns with old theatres, etc.). I guess I should say, where there were acres and acres of trees.

For those who are local and want to help, the Red Cross is taking donations at the Rose Bowl until 6pm today.

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