pamie gets a letter from a cool kid.

Okay, so I finally joined the cool kids. (Are we still cool, or are we just “trendy” now? Either way, I guess we’re helping) I sent the following to the Chula Vista Public Library in San Diego (well, in Chula Vista, which is near San Diego): A Circle of Cats, Barnyard Dance (A Boynton Book), and Hippos Go Berserk. I mean, how can a book about crazy-assed hippos not be an instant classic? I only wish I had that when I was a kid. Of course, I had The Monster at the End of this Book. Ah Grover. Such classic wit…

Hm… That really sounds like I have a thing for Sesame Street characters, doesn’t it? I swear I’m not that kind of pervert.

[It’s still one of my favorite books, and I have a copy on my bookshelf. – p.]

Anyway, so I bought your book the other day and I am liking it so far, but I have to tell you about the lady behind the counter and how she totally judged me! So I admit that your target audience probably isn’t straight males in their mid twenties, but I like the journal. So I decided to get the book and hope it wasn’t too chickish. Well, I guess it kind of is, but I like it anyway. I mean, hey, I’m meterosexual and shit, right? Hee. I like that word. “Meterosexual.” It’s sort of hip in a flavor of the week kind of way. But now I’m waaay off topic.

So I was at the counter buying your book and the lady looked at me with a smirk! First she said, “Would you like anything else?” with an emphasis on “anything”. Like I was buying a pack of condoms and should get a pack of gum or razor blades to hide my embarassment. I said no. Then she asked me, again with the smirk, if I wanted to gift wrap it. I said no again, and the smirk turned to an open grin!!!! As I walked away I told my friend I how I was totally being judged. I guess those were questions she asks everybody, but it was the emphasis she put on them that make me think I was the butt of several jokes that evening. But I’m confident right? Right? Shit. Well, whatever. Anyway, thanks for reading this far. Love the journal.


PS. If you don’t mind, and it doesn’t start some trend, can you send a shout-out to my friend Alex in San Diego? He will be sending me copies of and TWoP recaps while I spend the next couple of years without internet. The withdrawl is already killing me.

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