I’m the only person not at JournalCon.

stee: My hip hurts this morning.
pamie: Is it from going: [smacks hip with fist] “Dammit! I HATE the Yankees!” [repeatedly smacks both hips with both fists] “Why? Why? Why?”
stee: Perhaps.

Sorry about your loss Dan, stee, Boston, people who root for underdogs, etc.

I’ve been a bit absent from the site for this week because my friend Jeff is in town, and before he got here I was busy getting stuff finished so I could take him around town. One of my favorite things is to get someone who usually had an eyebrow raised toward Los Angeles to eventually mutter, “When I move here eventually, I want to live there.” And if you can’t get them to say that after seeing either Hancock Park or Los Feliz, there’s nothing you can do. But it never fails. (If all else fails, Dan, I take them to Far Vista, of course. Fun stuff.)

Also for some reason visitors in town seem to get treated to burlesque shows, which we happen to be seeing tonight, again because of a friend’s birthday. Perhaps we’ll bump into The Perry again.

All of this is to say I’m sorry I’ve been a little neglectful. But there’s a big weekend coming up. Fancy show tonight, music show tomorrow, AIDS Walk on Sunday, and David Blaine’s coming out of his box. (Thanks for helping me make him the number one search item last month.) And here’s an article on the woman who’s been screaming, “Y’all don’t know! Y’all don’t know! We’re in love! Y’all shut up! He LOVE me! Y’all don’t know!” Also: she might be part Nazi.

Sorry, Allison, but God won’t let Beyonce kiss Britney, Madonna or you.

Some of you have been here long enough to remember my friends Weldon and Martinique. Their first baby was born last week. I can’t wait to meet you, Austin Weldon Hector Phillips. (or is it Hector Weldon? You can correct me in person.)

Finally, I have a new Gilmore Girls recap up.

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