Dan’s so famous pamie can’t sleep.

Last night I stayed up very late telling Dan what he looked like on VH-1. If you need a second opinion, Dan, Montykins has one.

Pam: Dan. I have three comments.
Dan: Go.
Pam: First. You and Joel Stein are wearing the same outfit. It’s very confusing.
Dan: Shut up.
Pam: You’re cuter. Way cuter.
Dan: I am not Joel Stein!
Pam: Secondly, first it says you’re with Television Without Pity, but then the second time it says “dan Blau. Comedian.”
Dan: Oh, no.
Pam: Right after the Sklar brothers.
Dan: Wonderful. What’s the third thing?
Pam: When you said “Pamela has the best boobs out there,” you accidentally said “Anderson” in the middle of the sentence.
Dan: I think America knows exactly what I meant.

Dan, I knew I was forgetting to tell you something. I wanted to thank you for telling me about the limited edition Ben & Jerry’s oatmeal cookie ice cream. I never knew Heaven was available in pints.

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