Pam and Dan Talk Until “Tomorrow”

Pam: stee just made me a Stoli Vanilla and Coke.

Dan: Mmm. Do you like it?

Pam: Well, I’ve never really had one before. I don’t think, as a drink, it works, actually. But we have a lot of Stoli Vanilla here.

Dan: I ordered it once in front of you, and I do believe what you said to me then was, “Dan. This is what five-year olds would drink if they were allowed.”

Pam: I stand by that statement. This is a drink for boozy children.

Dan: Yes.

Pam: I reused that joke, I think. I may have said it to Allison or Anna Beth before.

Dan: You know where you should rehash it again?

Pam: Hmm?

Dan: On your shiny new blog.

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