More like CabOUT Fever…. (sorry).

The blog wasn’t updated yesterday! That hasn’t happened in the history of the blog. Sorry, neglected, young blog. Sorry.

I’m rather swamped with work this week, and spent four consecutive hours yesterday on the phone with meetings, so I ran out of blog-time. And I was wrong about Chris’ birthday, which was yesterday and not Sunday. Which means when I called to wish him a belated, I was actually right on time. What a great friend am I.

I thought you’d appreciate this review of the book I received today: “I enjoyed the book — though it’s flawed and not really my cup of tea.”

In other words, “I liked it, even though I shouldn’t have.”

So Once Upon A Time in Mexico: yay. But as I’ve told everyone, you can’t put Johnny Depp in a Robert Rodriguez movie and have me not like it.

But then we saw Cabin Fever. Good golly, that’s a bad movie. Please see 28 Days Later for all your flesh-eating virus movies. Because instead of this virus making you want to kill, it just makes you sleepy. Therefore there’s nothing to run from, nothing to hide from, and so the kids just yell and accuse each other of things, in between having sex with each other in ways that don’t let you see any nudity except for the one girl who apparently wasn’t allowed to ever wear a stitch of clothes the entire film. Because she was “the slut.” And in case we couldn’t figure that out on our own, they called her that a few times.

The script is filled with gem lines like, “What the fuck is your fucking problem, you fucking bitch? Why are you so gay?” It seemed to not know if it wanted to be a comedy, a satire, a straight horror movie or some kind of statement on race relations. It also didn’t care if we understood why the screen turns red every once in a while, or how a “deserted” town can have hundreds of people, a hospital, a jail and several well-built homes all next to one “secluded” cabin. I was sure after Party Monster that I’d at least appreciate every film I saw for the next week, but I’d gladly sit through Culkin and Green’s NancyDance Fiesta one more time before I’d see the mentally-offensive Cabin Fever again.

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