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The magic blog makes things happen. We wish for Jon Stewart, and we get a new episode last night. I wish for Inhale on Oxygen, and it comes back — without the annoying news ticker at the bottom! Who says petitions don’t work?

Showtime’s Freshman Diaries makes me so nostalgic for my first two years of college, when I lived on campus. It’s also making me crave UT merchandise. Back in my day you didn’t have cute hoodies or baby-t‘s. You had giant white t-shirts or enormous sweatshirts that made you look like a pumpkin in your burnt orange. The only people who ever looked good in UT clothes were jocks, cheerleaders and famous people, the ones who filled out those t-shirts in the right places and somehow always scored the better outfits. The rest of us looked like sleepy slobs, walking around in pajamas.

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