Friendster’s just a Red Herring

True: last night I watched Clue. Also true: I had to go out and rent it. My copy apparently lives at my mother’s house.

I got some mail regarding today’s boob-heavy entry (heh), from a girl claiming to be named “Kansas.” So, I guess strippers read my site, too. Yay, strippers! I love your boobs.

I have a suggestion for Alex.  As a small breasted women- it rarely happens that a man checks out my rack- however I do still notice when they do. (One thing we can agree men are not is subtle!) But unlike well-endowed girls who are annyoed that the guy has no clue what color their eyes are- my girls are starved for some eye affection.   So if you want to practice your technique- lavish you skills on a small breasted women- give her a little rush the likes of which she doesn’t see too often.  I love it when a guy checks me out (well to be honest he is getting more Victoria and less me but you get the point.)  So enjoy honing your techniques on the flat chested and then see if you skills can make it to the next level!

And just so you know, Alex wrote with only this to say when I told him about today’s entry: “Precious, precious breast essays…”

It’s that kind of dirty Friday, y’all.

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