Can We Still Be Friendsters?

I’m thinking I’m going to have to lose SiteMeter in order to make the blog work. That’s frustrating.

Dan and I are thinking about breaking up with Friendster. Why? Because it does nothing. It means nothing. It reminds me of Ben Kingsley with his suitcase of chess certificates, floating them all over the room. “You want the Friendster? Here. Here’s fifty friends. Here’s sixty friends. Your network is 679,002,044 people. It means nothing. They mean nothing.”

When Heather Chandler, Anne Heche and a cat are a part of your Friendster, when you’re “Just Here To Help” but there’s nothing or nobody to help, when you’re upset that one of your friends wrote a better testimonial for another one of your friends, when you’re actually hurting your synapses trying to remember who someone asking to be your friend is, then it’s time to move on.

Friendster is the Internet’s slam book. Dan, I say we dump that shit.

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