don’t worry…

I thought I’d be a good girl this morning, and do some yoga before heading to work, as we got a later call time today. I pulled out my mat and hit mute on the television, willing to do my workout to the sound of Howard Stern. Stee’s morning ritual dictates the only sound other than coffee brewing is the radio. Continue reading

We found a copy of

We found a copy of Wai Lana’s Yoga Sound CD here at the Oxygen office today. Stacey and I freaked out Johanna with our vast knowledge of this unique little woman. View half an hour of addictively creepy right here.

Move over, Wendy. There’s a new recipe card queen in town. Do you think apple sauce tofu balls are Core?

“She’s So LA.”


I did that thing where you get yourself all worked up to work out and then you over workout trying to be a bad ass and you feel bad for the rest of the day.

Where I live there’s a reservoir with a track that runs around it. I guess it’s about 2.5 miles. I’ve been getting up in the mornings and running to Howard Stern. I learned back in college that the best way to have people leave you alone when you’re in a potentially vulnerable situation is to act like a crazy person. Trust me, nobody bothers a girl who laughs while she runs.

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