The Bath

She turned on the water.

It was a bathtub she hadn’t used before, in a bathroom she was still getting accustomed to. It’s bigger than her old one. It’s bigger, in fact, than any bathroom she’d had since she was sharing a dorm bathroom with ten other girls. It was colder than she was used to. She’d never had a bathroom with a window before.

Things were different.

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Bowling for Love

the special late-night Sunday entry

The weather has completely changed over the past two days and it’s making me feel strange. That and I had stopped dry cleaning my sweaters because I thought I didn’t need them anymore and Cal totally puked in my favorite blue one that I’ll probably never wear again.


That’s where I stopped yesterday. I started writing because I hadn’t in a while, and I talked to a friend who told me that my entries have been slacking lately.

I guess they have been.

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Things That Make You Go "Ihhhh."

not like it isn’t my fault, really.

So I’m worried. About a few things.

I’m worried that I’m not the right person to show people Austin. I’ve got about four days left to become a cool Austin person before stee gets here and I’m supposed to be the one to show him how cool this place is. Homeboy doesn’t eat red meat, so the whole Texas Barbecue thing is thrown out the window. Maybe with all of the film things and sxsw parties he’ll never notice that I didn’t show him the town.

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