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  • I’m No Edward Norton

    how poker is ruining my life I know too many with a Gemini birthday. My wallet is bare. “Hi, sleepy pamie. Quit playing poker at night. You look like shit, girl”.

  • big baby

    just hand me a pacifier, already I’m in that weird period right now just before everything happens.  In two weeks we have a show, and starting this weekend we work more intensely on it, so right now, I’m sort of mulling it through my head preparing the show order and how we’ll do this and…

  • pay me

    i’ll get a rise out of you Note to Nigel and Stacey:  I’m sorry I had to take off so quickly.  Your assumptions about a “showbiz” party were correct– the problem being that I had just found out that all of the people were already on their way to my house, so I had to…

  • slacker poetry

    haikus for the machine   It’s so early out. Day two of new schedule. My eyes and spleen hurt. Play my music loud. It is cloudy and rainy. Sorry, Morrissey.

  • busy

    we’re having spaghetti Late posting– sorry. I’ve been training people all morning.

  • the road to insanity

    has Vincent Gallo for a tour guide Still here. Can you believe it? I neither killed nor was killed yesterday. And I think there were a few moments there last night were Eric and I were seriously reconsidering the fact that we only have one couch, and one bed.

  • “your available balance is…”

    fought over like wolves by fifteen different companies Pay day. I made it. Very exciting. Now it’s time to give it all back to the various companies that own my checking account much more than I do. I sit back and I look at this stack of bills and I wonder how they pile up.…