and my dad calls

Well, it was bound to happen.

Squishy has officially outgrown its britches, and I’m moving the site to a new webhosting company, with more space. Because of this, at some point next week the mail server might go down for a little while, or depending on InterNIC, it might be a couple of days before you see the change. You might not notice anything different. That’s my goal. But if there’s a bleep or a bug, just be patient. It’ll be all fixed soon.

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ih. ow. ih.

how to live my rock and roll lifestyle.

7:00am– Eric gets up for work. You don’t hear the alarm. You continue to sleep until the snooze kicks in while he’s in the shower. You feel like ass. As you grumble about him leaving the alarm on, you fall back asleep.

7:30am– Eric kisses you goodbye on his way out the door. You complain that he was supposed to wake you up earlier and now you’re going to be late for work.

7:45am– Taylor moves his butt away from your face long enough for the alarm to go off. He somehow knows exactly how long the snooze button lasts. You hit the button,and he walks back up to your face and falls asleep again.

7:55am– Cal will not stop meowing. You wake up and realize that you’re now really going to be late for work.

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Happy Hour(s)

why i know i shouldn’t be part of corporate america

Oh, Lord. First off, I should say that I never attend corporate socials or parties. I’ve always tried to keep a respectable distance between myself and my co-workers, assuming that the less they knew about the real me, the better.

That being said, I still ended up at the corporate open bar party last night.

Yeah, open bar.

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Bowling for Love

the special late-night Sunday entry

The weather has completely changed over the past two days and it’s making me feel strange. That and I had stopped dry cleaning my sweaters because I thought I didn’t need them anymore and Cal totally puked in my favorite blue one that I’ll probably never wear again.


That’s where I stopped yesterday. I started writing because I hadn’t in a while, and I talked to a friend who told me that my entries have been slacking lately.

I guess they have been.

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More Letters

letting you read my mail again.

Dear Beer,

I’m tired of your trickery. I can have three or four beers on a weekend evening and be completely fine the next day, but if I try and have a couple of beers on a Tuesday night you make me feel absolutely horrible the next day. It doesn’t really seem fair. How do you know when it’s the weekend?


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game grrl.

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I wouldn’t have a day job if I didn’t need one. I don’t really like the daily 8-6 grind.

What helps, though, is sometimes I find myself at this new job thinking, “Well, if I had to have a day job, I’m sure glad it’s this one.”

Case in point: I just walked into the break room for a bottle of water when I found Mortal Kombat 4. You can play Mortal Kombat 4 for free. It’s next to the Centipede machine. You know the old machines where the two of you sat down and played head to head? Yeah, that kind of Centipede. The Mortal Kombat machine replaced the old Pac-Man machine we had here. If I get tired of playing video games on my break I can go out into the lobby and play a game of pool.

I can live this rock-n-roll corporate lifestyle.

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last day

but i’m looking forward

Well, today is my last day at my current job.  I’ve worked here for two years and two months.  It’s pretty amazing.  I’m looking around this office I have to clean up and I’m finding things that I’ve completely forgotten about.  Old clippings, old phone lists, old meeting agendas– I’ve been here long enough to see five different managers.  I’ve watched several co-workers come and go.  And I’ve been here through all of that.

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i’m not proud

confessions and pathetic whining

I had a new experience two days ago.

I have not written about it before because I don’t really understand it, and I am a bit ashamed.  Mortified, really.  Okay, I’ll just fess up.  Here goes:

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i’m just sayin’

outing my evil undead co-workers

I work with vampires.

I really am convinced that I work in a building covered in vampires.  I always had my suspicions, but lately it’s gotten out of hand and I can no longer ignore the fact that my building is inhabited with the undead.

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