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  • Something For Everyone (Because this IS home.)

    Over the past month I’ve had two encounters where I’ve been talking with friends I haven’t seen in a while — both of whom I know outside the industry but work inside it — when they said to me, “I thought you went home.” “No, no, I’ve always been here,” I said. “You didn’t go […]

  • ack!

    In my defense, my lack of updates is not due to wanting to ignore you, but rather that life has made it difficult to update lately. Case in point: Moveable Type. Hates my work computer, for some reason. Hates the new Mac operating system, I think, because it doesn’t matter if it’s Firefox or Safari, […]

  • random workday distractions

    random workday distractions

    It’s feeling very Monday in here. How about watching a little comedy from Liz Feldman? Or skip work and go see American Teen. (The Lifetime movie about my busted tailbone is called: I Only Cry When I Sneeze: The Dumbass Moves of Camle Riboy.)

  • Two Stories I Almost Forgot To Tell

    Yes, it’s way too late to be blogging on a Friday night. What the fuck were you doing at this hour that’s so much better?… Oh, really? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Anyway, I was remembering to write these two stories.

  • plays well with others.

    Whenever I had to change schools as a kid, I’d always get really sick on the first day of school. It was always stomach related, and made me feel like I was going to throw up from sadness. In fact, I’d be so sad I could actually start heaving. It meant I almost always missed […]

  • A Glamorous Hollywood Lifestyle

    1. You will not be home before eleven. 2. This is because you are at work. 3. When you wake up, it is because you have work to do before you get to work, because there’s so much work you can’t do while you’re at work. 4. Suffer the constant teasing that you’re leaving one […]

  • We Need To Talk

    You and I. How should I put this? I’ve been thinking about this conversation for a while now. I want to know the best way to put it to you. Let me try and make it as simple as possible. When I first started this website, I worked for a computer company. Then I worked […]

  • Five.

    I can’t say I wish I had more time to write here, because I’m pretty happy with what is keeping me so busy right now. But it’d be nice to have more time here to write down what life has been like, mostly for me to have later (because this is supposed to be a […]

  • W is for Waiting and Writing… and Wedding… and Work… and Wow.

    So here’s what it’s like, these days, to be me. It’s what it’s like to live this life, this place where each day is as unpredictable as the next. This morning we planned our honeymoon around Sundance, because stee and Frank are finalists for the filmmaker’s lab. They won’t know until December 17th if they […]

  • Things I Learned Today

    and why this entry is late. I learned a few things today. Most of them kept me from posting this Friday entry until most of you have already gone home from your work day. I know you hate it when that happens. I’m sorry.