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  • I Survived Eat Through Austin

    I Survived Eat Through Austin

    …and then this morning I Googled “master cleanse.” ooooooohhhhhhhhh man, I am full of food. This year’s food-trip with Tara and Dave was shorter than the last time, but I managed to get an extraordinary amount of eating in. I started strong and ended strong, you guys. I had ice cream for dinner last night. […]

  • where i’ve been.

    where i’ve been.

    I’ve been emailing this morning with Heather and Jessica about how I’ve always wanted to change the letters on the HOLLYWOOD sign to read HURRYUPANDWAIT.

  • It's Been Busy

    welcome to the hotel california Perhaps I should explain life with Ray and that will explain why I haven’t written since Thursday. Actually, once I explain, then perhaps you’ll understand why the last entry was filled with typos. Wednesday we arrived with Chris. Chris stayed until Saturday morning. We all slept on the hardwood floor, […]

  • Thursdays Are Killing Me

    thursdays are killing me it’s time for the friday link-a-lot So, I open the Austin Chronicle yesterday afternoon, and who do I see but Paul and Andy. I’ve never seen Andy with a mohawk before. Well, if you’re gonna do an article on nudity in Austin theatre, you’d better call Andy. I’m just sayin’.

  • Party Girl

    Party Girl

    almost out of birthday week Well, Birthday Week is quickly coming to a close, but I did have a rather fun time at my party this weekend. Since the digital camera is the new toy of the house, people were taking pictures left and right (that is, until the batteries died). They didn’t sign wavers […]