Hello, December

i know nothing and then just go back to work

Wow. I couldn’t have been more wrong on yesterday’s predictions. Actually, I guess I didn’t really do any predictions, but rather discussed who should have been nominated, but check this list out:

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This Doesn't Make Me Old.

the vh-1 music awards predictions

VH-1 is making a giant stink out of their new award show. Every day I see the billboard outside my apartment reminding me that, just like Albertsons, this is my very special awards ceremony that I decide that’s catered completely all to me.

And since MTV and I are having this terrible on-again-off-again occasional back-alley make-up sex thing, I’m willing to give VH-1 a shot, here. Let’s see if they have something I’d vote on in each category. And we’ll see how I do Thursday night.

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