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  • Tonight: Trapped in the Closet, Live at M Bar

    Dear friends, the best goodbyes are in the Closet! What can truly be said for R. Kelly’s operatic masterpiece, Trapped in the Closet? Nightmare? Genius? Stanky spewey epic? Come see the original 12 chapters performed live by Brently & friends. This show originally premiered in LA and has traveled to NYC and back, gathering attention […]

  • rufus–CHUCK.

    This morning, in the shower, where I get a lot of important thinking done, I thought to myself: “Well, if James the cop knows Chuck and Rufus, I’m surprised he didn’t say anything to Gwendolyn when they were in the back of Parjay’s together, and spotted Sylvester enter with Cathy. Unless her crusty Mary wig […]

  • updating without a story, just facts

    This is an entry purely because you have been emailing frequently (and wonderfully, thank you) to inquire about Taylor and other things that have been going on. Taylor is sacked out next to me looking quite happy. We won’t test him again for another month — the vet wants to see if the DM special […]

  • I Guess That’s How The Kids Are Talking These Days.

    “The first rule is, you can’t cut a single word,” Heilbron says of the 42-minute sordid suite, which he decided to stage after receiving a DVD copy last Christmas. “I knew I had to learn it, I knew I had to make it better,” he says with that particularly modern mix of sarcasm and sincerity. […]

  • Why My Brain Is Mad At Me

    Why My Brain Is Mad At Me

    I used to think knowing all the words to “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” was an interesting fun fact/party trick. But now that I know more than four full chapters of “Trapped In the Closet,” I kind of want to kill myself. But it’s all in […]

  • where i’ve been.

    where i’ve been.

    I’ve been emailing this morning with Heather and Jessica about how I’ve always wanted to change the letters on the HOLLYWOOD sign to read HURRYUPANDWAIT.

  • Dear R Kelly…

    Dear R Kelly…

    You might be aware of how your fans feel about your recent work, but I bet you rarely get the chance to see people watch your brilliant Trapped In the Closet series. So I present to you: the moment just after the last word in Chapter Nine:

  • a conversation with chito.

    [scripty] PAMIE Hello? CHITO Aw, shit, Pam. How’s it goin’, girl? PAMIE Good. What’s up? CHITO I am watching… have you seen R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet?” PAMIE No. CHITO Are you watching VH-1 right now? PAMIE No, not presently. CHITO I am. You have to turn it on. PAMIE Let me tell you […]