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  • Blog Tour

    Blog Tour

    It’s been busy here at Pamie Central with the new book coming out. Have you pre-ordered yet? Did you know that pre-ordering helps me TREMENDOUSLY? If you’re a fan of anything I’ve written for free over the years and perhaps aren’t a reader of this type of book, please think about buying one for the…

  • Places Where My Face Is

    It’s gearing up to be book tour time, when I leave the house to get in front of you and then I can’t stop talking because I don’t leave the house enough. Here’s the schedule so far.

  • Lots of Seven People!

    Lots of Seven People!

    Thanks again to all these pretty people who came out to the downtown Borders in Washington, DC this past weekend. Thanks to the fantastic people who worked the store (special thanks to Annika, who I think we might have turned into a derby girl), Morgan Davidson for her tireless efforts at getting me in that…

  • east coast | west coast

    People in the Washington DC area: Please Come See Me. Friday, June 18th, 6:30pm Washington, D.C. – 18th & L St – Borders 1801 K Street NW Washington, DC 20006 I have a feeling there’s going to be about six people there and I’m going to feel guilty and end up taking everybody to dinner.…

  • I Didn’t Fall!  (But I Almost Fell. Right When I Got to the Podium. (Forward!))

    I Didn’t Fall! (But I Almost Fell. Right When I Got to the Podium. (Forward!))

    The book signing went well! By the end of the hour it looked like a Derby Gang had shown up to be my bodyguards, and perhaps their intimidating size could be the reason the place sold out my books before everybody got a chance to get a copy. Note to writers: get a gang. When…

  • friendly reminder: this weekend

    People of the Los Angeles area! I’m doing a reading/signing at the Barnes and Noble at the Grove tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. No, really! Please come. This is me inviting you.

  • Hi! This is awkward, right?

    First I wanted to thank those of you who have written personally or blogged publicly about how much you enjoyed/identified with Going in Circles. Your words are very kind, and truly appreciated. I mentioned earlier that All You Magazine has chosen Going in Circles as its Book Club Selection for May. They’ve now posted their…

  • big book, little book.

    big book, little book.

    The mass market paperback version of the novel just arrived at my door. It is so wee! I didn’t expect it to be almost as thin as the trade paperback, I guess because the German versions of the novels have been so thick. Y’all, Germans love me. This mass market paperback was made specifically for…