Memory Lane

alright, at heart, it’s a cop-out entry

If Lenny Kravitz keeps this up, mark my words, in a couple of years there’s going to be an insecticide commercial on television called “Fly Away.”

In the unexplained phenomena category:

Both of my ears are pierced. I used to wear two small silver hoops in them about two years ago. I lost the earrings, and I haven’t worn a pair of earrings since. Last month my right ear’s piercing got infected. I thought it was odd, but decided that weird stuff happens, and I took care of it. Now the other earring hole is infected. What up, yo? I thought they only got infected when you wore crappy earrings. I haven’t even done anything to them.

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big time

UPS in time for my PMS

There’s something in my eye.  Despite the fact that my left eye is all teary and inflamed, I’m still cranking out my entry.

Everything I do, I do it for you.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail.  It was a very heavy box.

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living with spies and wooden hands

Okay, so I made another mistake on the Super Bowl entry. Pippen now plays for the Rockets. I tell you, it’s hard to keep all of this sports stuff straight in your head. I was at dinner with Eric on Friday night and we were discussing the entry. He hadn’t read it, but I was telling him about the “Do you think they’ll go for two” rule.

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