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  • This Week in “Somtimes I’m Stoopid.”

    This Week in “Somtimes I’m Stoopid.”

    This week has taught me a few lessons I should’ve learned long ago. I’ll share them with you on the unlikely chance I’m not the last person to learn these things. First: I got internet scammed.

  • chips ahoy

    I get an email or text like this maybe once a month: [readermail]DEAR PAMIE: Please tell me the name of those chips you gave me that you said would change my life. You were right. I woke up the other day thinking about them and I am craving them like a pregnant lady. I need […]

  • still coming clean.

    Amazing that we’re still, still, still talking about The Soap. I remember the day AB and I found The Soap’s website (oh, my golly, four and a half years ago!), completely written in Japanese. We tried desperately to get that soap on this continent. I’m happy to see Arsoa’s gone ahead and made an English […]

  • “It says repeat, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO.”

    Remember when all I could talk about was how much I needed that soap? Well, I got it. A distributor found me through a Google search, and shipped me a bar from Taiwan. Are you looking for Arsoa as well? You can email Lawrence and he’ll send it to you. Please tell him I sent […]

  • Coming Up for Breath

    It’s like I’m coming up for air. I’ve been going non-stop for a couple of weeks now, and I think right now at this moment I’m having my first second of silent, spare time. The fact that I’m filling it with writing an entry instead of finishing my book (I’m reading A Tree Grows In […]