best blurb ever.

I don’t want to ruin it by telling the joke over here, but Irwin has written a line about my book that should be on the front cover. Go read. Then come back.

(Ned-Voice) First of all (normal voice), that’s a very flattering essay (so thank you, sir).

But to give you an example of this fragile head I’ve got, when Irwin said to me that night, “There’s a lot of jokes,” here’s the rapid-fire dialogue my brain had in the three seconds between when he said that, and I said, “What does that mean?” Continue reading

Nap Time

i’m no good

Oh, I feel terrible today and it is completely my fault. Here’s the problem: I’m a horrible napper.

Eric can take a fifteen minute nap and he’s like completely ready for another evening. He’s good to go. He’s chipper and smells good and everything. If I try and nap I fall instantly into a coma and you cannot wake me for over an hour.

If you do, you face my wrath. I’m completely bitchy and I smell like drool. I don’t want to talk and I can’t finish sentences.

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fantasizing about illness and marriage

Eric is sick. He’s got something like a bad allergy attack and the flu. He never gets sick, maybe just once a year, so I don’t really know how to make him feel better. He just keeps sleeping. I buy juice.

It’s different around the house with him sick. I get tired. I start feeling sick as well. I felt the same way when Lillith was ill. I stayed home quite a bit with her. I couldn’t stay home today with Eric, but my thoughts are with him.

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i suck

my lamest entry ever.

The show went well. It did. I had fun.

I have been very busy today and only have time to tell you this:

For a real entry, go to my Mighty Big TV entry on “Get Real.” That took five hours of my life, so it feels like an entry.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Sorry it’s such a crazy week.