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  • best blurb ever.

    I don’t want to ruin it by telling the joke over here, but Irwin has written a line about my book that should be on the front cover. Go read. Then come back. (Ned-Voice) First of all (normal voice), that’s a very flattering essay (so thank you, sir). But to give you an example of […]

  • Nap Time

    i’m no good Oh, I feel terrible today and it is completely my fault. Here’s the problem: I’m a horrible napper. Eric can take a fifteen minute nap and he’s like completely ready for another evening. He’s good to go. He’s chipper and smells good and everything. If I try and nap I fall instantly […]

  • if

    fantasizing about illness and marriage Eric is sick. He’s got something like a bad allergy attack and the flu. He never gets sick, maybe just once a year, so I don’t really know how to make him feel better. He just keeps sleeping. I buy juice. It’s different around the house with him sick. I […]

  • i suck

    my lamest entry ever. The show went well. It did. I had fun. I have been very busy today and only have time to tell you this: For a real entry, go to my Mighty Big TV entry on “Get Real.” That took five hours of my life, so it feels like an entry. I’ll […]