my television is freaking me out.

That’s Jessica’s brother!

He apparently worked with the people who make the iPhone commercials, and they liked the way his name looked, so they used it in their ad.

Or something like that. Jessica explained it, but I was distracted, feeling like the world is getting smaller and smaller.

I wish it were even smaller than it is, so Miss Kaman wasn’t so far away these days.


This month is going to be insane, and so a little sporadic around here. I’m out of town a lot, for weddings and holiday and all of that stuff that comes around this time of the year, but I promise to update whenever I can.

I got sick, which I always do before I take a trip, so for the last two days I was immobile, whining and moaning, complaining about everything, trying to survive for two days without caffeine. I had my first cup of coffee this morning since Saturday, and I just about spun a hole into the ground with my sudden burst of energy. I was so wired that I had to run an errand while I was in the middle of a chore, because I just couldn’t take standing still any longer. I still have more errands to run, including laundry, packing, cooking, etc., so perhaps another cup will be necessary. No wonder I drink so much of this stuff! It’s great! I feel so good, even though I still feel mostly shitty! Coffee rules!

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Too Big for Its Britches

Oh, man. I guess it was bound to happen. I’ve gone over my monthly bandwidth allotment again. I get 7 Gig/ month of data transfer. They’re projecting 10 Gig for this month, which will cost $212 for the month of September if I don’t do something very soon to fix it. For those of you who’ve been with Squishy since the beginning, you know this is why I ended up having to close down the site, when raised my rates to over three hundred dollars a month to keep the site running. I’ve outgrown the small plan I’d moved to when I closed the site down, and already, just a couple of months in, I’m over my allotment. Is it because I used pictures this month when I normally don’t? Won’t this just be the problem now that there are more pages on my site to browse? How can I find a monthly webhost plan that’s reliable and less than fifty bucks a month? Because, come on, I don’t want to spend more than fifty bucks a month for my journal. That’s insane, right? Shouldn’t this be easier?

Little Drummer Boy’s playing a sad, sad, clumsy song for me.

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I currently have three computers. This sounds like I’m bragging. Let me assure you that I am not.

My oldest computer is the iBook, my tried and true friend of almost three years. This computer has been on many an airplane trip, wrote thousands of email, helped maintain Squishy, was the machine I wrote the novel on, and has always started up when I press the little button in the upper right hand corner.

The problem is the CD-Rom broke about a year and a half ago. It doesn’t recognize any CD. I have to email the machine everything, as there’s no other way to feed information to the computer.

Enter: the iMac. I never actually wanted this machine, but sometimes things happen and suddenly you’re the owner of a computer you never wanted because you ended up paying for it. I’m still paying for it, in fact. This iMac was the pillar of our DSL hub back in the old apartment. It does not like dial-up. Yesterday the machine’s modem seems to have crashed. Because this computer wasn’t always mine, I don’t have all of the software for it. I can’t download a new driver, as I don’t have internet access, and I really don’t know what’s wrong. Every time I try to dial-up, it crashes with a Type 2 error and I have to restart the machine. Sometimes it doesn’t want to restart, and I have to physically unplug it from behind to get it to work.

I inherited Dad’s PC laptop, the machine I wrote my first screenplay on over Christmas break. I have it for sentimental reasons, mostly, but it’s a pretty machine. The battery pack only lasts an hour, making it not so much a laptop, but a tiny desktop computer. It used to help with my anime work, but when it crashed last month I had to reinstall it with Windows XP, and the Media Player on this version doesn’t support VCDs, the type of DVD I use for my anime work. That means I’m using a DVD player and my television. The only computer I can use to do my work and email it in is my iBook.

This means I have three machines: one at three years, one at two and one just over a year old. The only one that I can rely on (and I’m using right now) is the three-year old iBook, my Blueberry Buddy. I already told you that my printer busted a few weeks ago.

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Movie Mumbling

For those of you who have been staying up nights fretting over the state of my laptop, it is now fixed. I have some very smart, very reliable friends. Very patient friends that still talk to me after I call from another country demanding tech support at four in the morning. Friends that miss their lunches to help me out. Good friends.

To counter my good luck with the laptop, my printer splintered, and a piece of it is now no longer attached. It had a paper jam and then popped. And my iMac now likes to crash once a day, whenever I decide to use the stupid dial-up.

I know. Fascinating.

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Dial-Up Diva

I am sitting exactly as I was one year ago today. And just like one year ago today, I’m reading over email from you, telling me how you’re doing, and how you feel about my writing. Strange how our lives go in cycles, even when we think we’re doing something unpredictable. I love how there were so many familiar names in my inbox.

My computer crashed on Monday, taking with it the new novel I’d been working on and all of the nice email I’d received since Friday. I spent all of Monday trying to fix it. I called Sony, who basically told me that they don’t care about my problem and have no plans to fix it, even though it was the new battery that they sent me that caused the crash. I woke people up in the middle of the night. I scoured websites looking for someone with the answer to my question. I sat there with a disk that would just wipe the hard drive clean and start over. I made myself stop. I can’t believe I did it, but I made myself walk away from the computer and leave it. I cooled down. Now I have a new plan of attack. A friend is helping me out. I’m glad I didn’t delete it Monday night.

I just can’t stand having something broken like that. Something that I’ve fixed so many times. I understand computers. I’m the one that normally can fix it. I hate it when I have no control over the machine. I just sat there rebooting it over and over again, wishing it would play those soothing notes that mean Windows just started. But nothing. Just quiet and then a churning, and then the computer went into a loop and I would think about throwing it against the wall as hard as I could.

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happy friday

i send you to the paper

I don’t have much time today, so this should be a quick one.

Here’s my new Technopolis article. Read it now, before it goes away, as I can’t find last week’s article anymore. The weird sentence should read “There are sites that host small groups of people discussing topics that makes them want to rant and rave.” I don’t know what happened, I don’t ask questions.

Oh, and when it says “” it should read “[sarcasm][/sarcasm]“.

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close your eyes

i can’t believe people have to look at me

Eric’s back is selling t-shirts.

Oh, man. I’m tired. Tired and sleepy and looking at the end of what has been a crazy three months. Can you believe this is the end of it? Tomorrow night and all three shows have come to a close. I was rehearsing seven days a week and now they’re all going to be gone. For how long? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is I’m going to get to go home when I get off work sometimes. Sometimes I’ll get to sit on my couch and watch television. I’ll get to do all of this writing that I’ve been contracted to do. I’ll meet deadlines and such.

Until, of course, we start the next show. But I don’t have to think about that now.

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computer problems

no entry today

Due to system problems Squishy cannot be accessed today.

Go outside and play.

I’m not trying to cop out, there’s just nothing I can do from work today.

Sidenote: Had a great time with Polaroid Stories. I’m going to miss it.

grumble. is wasting our time

It’s 83 degrees outside and people are actually complaining that it’s too cold.  Texans.

I don’t even want to write this entry because I know as soon as I do my site will go down again and then no one will be able to read it all day long.  This has been a very frustrating week for Squishy.  My pages keep disappearing from my server.  Luckily I have everything saved on my machine, but it’s really frustrating.  If I had been using their GUI interface instead of FTP I would have lost all of my stuff.

Thanks for sending me mail letting me know when you were having problems.  Some of them I might not have noticed if you hadn’t.

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