Why I haven’t been updating my blog often enough: good excuses.

There’s no order of importance here, but in the last week or so I’ve had a package lost at the post office, a letter returned because it didn’t reach the recipient in time, my computer stolen, and my tailbone broken.

I’m not sad or pissed off, but I am getting impatient with living my days balanced on one hip and my nights splayed across ice packs. And I’m really tired of calling the post office. Other than that, it’s work-book-work.

Mostly I’m nervous, because in a couple of days I’m teaching a class where I’m not as worried about being funny as I am being fun. Ages 8-12?! Yikes. I am a very old lady to them.

Speaking of, last weekend I got carded buying a bottle of wine, and the mohawked dude behind the counter looks at my ID and goes, “Whoa. WHOA.” Then he looks at the people in line behind me and goes, “I thought she was WAY younger than that. I mean, that’s a like, a baby face compared to how old you–”

“ALL RIGHT,” I shouted. “It was flattering at first, but that’s enough. I’m not THAT old.”

And then he did that head bob that means, “Kinda you are.”

That story has nothing to do with why I haven’t been updating my blog other than I proceeded to drink that bottle of wine, talking about how I’m not old, and then I was in no condition to write anything to anyone.

…I will probably not tell that story to the eight-year olds.

Manson Lamps

rambling and crazy lady discussions

If VH-1 is going to continue to produce such addictive content, I may never do a lick of work again. I mean, come on “1984 Behind the Music?” I can’t resist that. And all this week there’s some sort of “Video Killed the Radio Star” thing about the evolution of the music video. I’m trying to work at night, people! I’ll never get anything done if smack-dab in the middle of high productivity time there’s a potential for a Wham! video. I’m only human, you know.

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Little Girls

everywhere i turn… i can see them.

I’ve mentioned before that I started teaching at the children’s museum. I’m teaching an Internet Diary class. Well, this Sunday is the last day of the class, and I’ve learned a few lessons.

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and I update some sagas.

The Cranium Saga Continues

Kymm can try and say she wasn’t a part of it, but I know better.

And Patrick can try and weasel his way out as well, but just so you know he also sent me another e-mail last night that said, “You smell and I bet you pick your nose.”

But I just want you guys to know that people are watching. Watch out, Patrick and Kymm (and the rest of you know who you are…), I’ve got the Cranium guys on my side.

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