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  • Why I haven’t been updating my blog often enough: good excuses.

    There’s no order of importance here, but in the last week or so I’ve had a package lost at the post office, a letter returned because it didn’t reach the recipient in time, my computer stolen, and my tailbone broken. I’m not sad or pissed off, but I am getting impatient with living my days […]

  • Manson Lamps

    rambling and crazy lady discussions If VH-1 is going to continue to produce such addictive content, I may never do a lick of work again. I mean, come on “1984 Behind the Music?” I can’t resist that. And all this week there’s some sort of “Video Killed the Radio Star” thing about the evolution of […]

  • Little Girls

    everywhere i turn… i can see them. I’ve mentioned before that I started teaching at the children’s museum. I’m teaching an Internet Diary class. Well, this Sunday is the last day of the class, and I’ve learned a few lessons.

  • Four and Twenty Blackbirds

    at least i’ve got birthday week to keep me happy Today is my last day of being twenty-four. I’m finding this very difficult to write. My life is changing quickly and rapidly and I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.

  • teacher?

    and I update some sagas. The Cranium Saga Continues Kymm can try and say she wasn’t a part of it, but I know better. And Patrick can try and weasel his way out as well, but just so you know he also sent me another e-mail last night that said, “You smell and I bet […]