kicking it.

Pam: Hey, how hard is your kickboxing class, man?
Patrick: … You’re going to be blogging about it tomorrow.

Consequently I’m in bed. I’m about to get up, but I want to make sure my entire body is awake before I stand. I haven’t actively engaged any muscles other than my arm to lift this laptop, and my fingers to type these words but… I have a feeling my lower half is angry with me. Continue reading

Remember me?

your sweat is still on my carpet.

Dear Billy Blanks ™,


Uh, I guess the first thing I should do is list my excuses, right? Do you want to hear them first, or last? Because I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the words, “I’ve been busy” three thousand times over the past couple of years. Maybe I should spare you. The important thing here is that I’ve reached out.

It had been a long time since you and I looked at each other, eye-to-incredibly-sweaty-eye. And yesterday I was a bit inspired, so I popped in the Advanced Live 7 tape, wondering if I still could achieve Warrior status.

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i’m seven

and my parents are on their way, dude.

I damaged the muscles around my solar plexus doing Tae-Bo on Monday. I’m not sure how I did it, and I don’t know how to avoid doing it again. It hurts to stand up straight, and it hurts to lean back at all. It’s like someone is pulling my ribcage inward. Ow.

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in my defense

sorry so sloppy

Immm-hmmm. Well. Alright.

Dear Patrick,

It seems that there was a gathering of journallers who all got together to play Cranium because they had heard that I enjoyed the game. I understand that you were one of them. It also seems that you and your friends had an easy time with the game and quickly decided to rename the game in my honor. That would normally be flattering, but in this case the renaming was called “Pamie is really dumb.”

Oh, excuse me for a moment while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes.

Oh no, those are tears of pain. My mistake.

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the tape

confessions and a new start

It started as a good feeling.

I came home Thursday to a pile of mail. On top was a box. It was shaped like a videotape. “Ooh!” I squealed. “What is this?” I didn’t remember ordering anything. Perhaps it was a gift from someone.

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pretty in pink

high school confessions and lost muscle tone

I got home yesterday to find a package on my table.  No, it wasn’t the latest book I’d ordered from Amazon.  It wasn’t CD’s.  It wasn’t a friendly package from a Squishy reader.  It was Tae-Bo Live Advanced 3.  Billy apparently decided to continue the series.

I don’t have the time to spend an hour seeing Billy’s latest device of torture.  I just don’t.

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i’m tired

and xeney tried to start some shit

I am so tired.  This whole week every day I get up I’m just a little more tired.  Last night was long– after work I went straight to rehearsal and then we had a performance.  I hadn’t eaten, and I was really tired and mopey.  The place where we were booked was next to empty, so I volunteered to be a “laugher,” since the cast seriously outweighed the house.  Thankfully, they decided that was a good idea, so I drank glass after glass of water and yelled suggestions and laughed.  Three hours later at midnight I was on my way home.  I picked up some dinner, ate it, talked with Eric for a while and then we went to sleep.  It feels like I never got to sleep at all.

I had one of those dreams where you weren’t really sure you were dreaming and even after you’re awake you have to keep convincing yourself it was just a dream.  I mentioned that we got digital cable last week.  Well, last night when we came home the television and the cable box wouldn’t turn on.  You could go right up to the television and press the “power” button and nothing would happen.  After checking all of the connections I called the cable company and they sent some sort of signal and it turned everything back on.  We didn’t even watch anything.  We just went right to sleep.  This explains (in some part) my dream.

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hot sweaty backs

pamie packs a punch

“Oh, hey,” Eric said to me last night before we went to sleep, “we don’t have to get on a plane tomorrow, do we?”

“No,” I replied.

“Good.  I don’t want to get on another plane for a while.”

Although the family reunion was a lot of fun, Eric and I are really tired of airplanes.  I swear the seats get smaller and hotter with each connecting flight.

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“how’s gramma?”

Family Feud ain’t got nothin’ on us.

(I’m writing this on the 24th because I will be on a plane on the 25th, so we’ll all pretend that I’m writing this tomorrow)

I forgot to mention yesterday that the one thing that kept me going during the new Advanced Tae-Bo tape was the fact that it looked like Ben Stiller was working out in these little spandex pants.  Oh, man, that guy looks like a sweaty, mad Ben Stiller.  And that’s enough to keep me going.  Really, it is.

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backwards jumping jacks

and why there’s a bruise on the back of my leg

I got the Tae-Bo Advanced Live 2 in the mail the other day and I tried it out on Monday afternoon when I was sitting around being quiet.  I wanted to hear Billy shout for a little while.

I was all prepared to write an entry about how Tae-Bo was getting easier and these Advanced Live tapes are wussing out.  I had finished it on Monday without even starting to cry once.  I was a little winded, but not like when you finish a normal Tae-Bo workout.  I was sure that of the Advanced Tapes I had, this was indeed the lamest.

And then I did it again last night.

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