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  • (hee hee) x 3

    [scripty] Dana Happy birthday, Allison. Pamie Yeah, happy birthday. That food was so good. Allison Thanks. I love this place. Scott and I come here all the time. It’s kind of ridiculous. One time last week, we came in for lunch and dinner. Dana You must come in here a lot, because when you were…

  • Dear Dad,

    I can’t believe it’s been five years and three days since you died. Five years. So much has happened that you’ve missed, much of it things you told me you knew you were going to miss. You were like an oracle in that hospital bed, pointing at the television, telling me my name was going…

  • sushikulous.


    It’s been exactly one year since I last blogged from this free-wireless/sushi bar inside the airport, and once again I’m in love. But this time, I’ve got a MacBook. Why is it so hard to find free wireless in an airport? Why is JFK the only airport that truly loves you?

  • Life Lesson #32: Don’t Go To A Birthday Party That Starts At 10:00 pm.

    Life Lesson #32: Don’t Go To A Birthday Party That Starts At 10:00 pm.

    I’m the only person at the Standard Cafe. The wireless won’t be working until at least next week, so I’m currently swiping WiFi from the Sunset Strip, trying to nurse my stomach back into working order. It’s all my fault, this feeling. Well, it’s a little not my fault, but it’s mostly my fault.

  • Come On, Jet Blue.

    Come On, Jet Blue.

    This is ridiculous. I’m now sitting in the JFK airport, with free wireless, having a glass of wine and sushi as I wait for my flight to start boarding. You must know: 1. I normally would never do this. 2. But this is my vacation, and I told myself I’d do things I normally wouldn’t do.…