thirty questions

My site was down all day.  I’m sorry.  Now this all seems outdated.

Dear Best Buy, Tower, et. al:

When you say that a CD is released at midnight on a certain date, please make sure that you know how to tell time.  When you tell me that a CD is released at midnight on September 20th, that should mean that all day on the 20th this CD should be available, since it became available on the first minute of that day.  Do not act like I’m the stupid one when I come into your store asking for the new Nine Inch Nails album.  It’s called “telling time.”  I’ve got it right, and you’ve got it wrong.  Look, if you’re going to get confused, just say “Tuesday.”  It’s available Tuesday.  It’s not available on the 20th at all.  Not at all.  Not one minute of the 20th were you selling The Fragile.  Not one second of that day.  I should sue for false advertising.

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