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  • maintenance

    Yesterday I made a list of people I needed to call to schedule appointments. At the top of the list: allergist. Mom called yesterday morning and said, “Have you seen the wheat doctor yet? I really want you to be able to eat bread again.” I think the next time I come to town, she’d […]

  • hey, look at that.

    hey, look at that.

    I never know how to approach the booksellers. I end up saying, “Hi, I wrote this. Do you want me to sign your stock?” It sounds so dumb when I say it, but I’m not sure what else to say. “Hi, I’ll write my name in each of these, because I really want you to […]

  • an actual holiday weekend

    This is the closest I’ve come to work in five days. The last time I took a break from work for more than part of a day… I think was my honeymoon. My honeymoon was also the last time I read a whole book in a day. Which since yesterday? I did. I missed the […]

  • i can now, officially, raise the roof

    The very nature of a blog is self-serving, self-aggrandizing, self-important and selfish. I know that I write these thoughts down to entertain you while keeping a diary for myself, as I seem physically incapable of writing unless there’s a prospect of an audience. But some days, I do wonder what it means that I write […]

  • nerves.

    It’s like a tennis ball got lodged somewhere underneath my ribcage, just above my diaphragm. That’s what it feels like after I eat. The only thing that makes it feel better is jamming my hand under my ribs, pushing in on my stomach. I don’t feel sick, I don’t have anything but the sharp pain […]

  • A Glamorous Hollywood Lifestyle

    1. You will not be home before eleven. 2. This is because you are at work. 3. When you wake up, it is because you have work to do before you get to work, because there’s so much work you can’t do while you’re at work. 4. Suffer the constant teasing that you’re leaving one […]

  • Clear Eyes

    So, my twitchy eye. It went away, but now it’s back. It’s back and it’s mad. It wants to be heard. It wants to be seen. It used to be other people wouldn’t be able to see it if I forced them to stare at my head, but now you can see it. You can […]

  • the sounds of silence?

    oh yeah. i’m sorry. that’s christmas. My, oh my. It’s already Christmas time. That means it’s almost the year 2000. What’s Conan gonna do with his sketch? “In the year 2001” doesn’t really have the same ring. This also means it’s time to send out my Christmas cards. Last year I had a great time […]