spiders on spiders

If most of the men in my life have one thing in common, it’s a fear of spiders. I don’t mean the kind of ickiness where you know there’s something weird and it freaks you out — like one man who had a fear of birds. This I came to understand. The eyes. They’re dead. You never know what a bird is thinking, and at any point, that bird might decide your eye is the most delicious thing it’s ever seen. Okay, so that man convinced me to be afraid of birds. I get it. Done. Birds are scary. Continue reading

i've got a nice beat, and you can bug out to me.

i just never took it so literally.

Ugh! Ih! Ih! Ih!

I should just go home right now. I need to go home and start my weekend and just get a whole bunch of work done and pretend that the past five minutes didn’t just happen because they have been too damaging.


I went out for a smoke break. It has been rainy in Austin for the past week, and today it’s rather sunny and warm. This means that our smoke break area is filled with all sorts of insects and creepy-crawlies who are trying to find a new home. The wall/bench we sit on has caterpillars and inchworms and small ants and things. I don’t really freak out about those kinds of bugs, although my friend does, so he kept his distance while I sat around nature and had my break.

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