grateful and grumpy (aka: old-lady pamie)

For those of you who are crazy cat ladies/actual veterinarians/long-time fans: Thank you for writing in about Cal and his new meds. That’s very kind of you, and your advice is much appreciated. Yay for Pill Pockets. Now if only Greenies made a “Liquid-y Vomit Catcher ™” for thirty minutes after Cal’s had his medicine.

I don’t need to be yet another person to tell you how hot it was in Los Angeles this weekend, but I will be. It was hot. Very hot. Continue reading

reading right now:

Doug Hill, Jeff Weingrad: Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live. Lauren gave this to me as a thank you after I did an interview with her for a college assignment last spring. I’m tearing through it. The fact that I haven’t heard from Lauren since June means that either I caused her to fail her class, or she’s still transcribing the bajillions of cassette tapes I babbled all over in a Starbucks many months ago.