small world

So Ragan sends me a link to this video. It makes me laugh. A lot. (When he removes his glasses, from then on I am in hysterics.). I forward the video. We watch it at work. (Marco: “Not a hit with the straight guys. They ran over to watch it and then wandered away like the pack of coyotes who got to the carcass after the meat had been stripped.”) It’s the fun video of the day. I get an email the next day for this link — turns out the video was directed by my talented friend Alex Staggs!

(“Grove ticket ripper” has been the slam of the week around here.)

my television is freaking me out.

That’s Jessica’s brother!

He apparently worked with the people who make the iPhone commercials, and they liked the way his name looked, so they used it in their ad.

Or something like that. Jessica explained it, but I was distracted, feeling like the world is getting smaller and smaller.

I wish it were even smaller than it is, so Miss Kaman wasn’t so far away these days.