Putting Me Out There

In case you were coming here looking for a collection of my Valentines Day Poems: The best place to go is here.

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Well, I am more than a little proud of myself. Want to know the secret to the best Thanksgiving day? Mimosas. Serve ’em when you’ve got an hour before the meal, and keep everyone pretty sauced through the Trivial Pursuit game.

It’s pretty late, Thanksgiving night, and today I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner. My mother, my sister, and one of my oldest friends shared my afternoon with me, and it was a really nice time.

I got up at the crack of dawn to start cooking. I made pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread pudding (the real winner of the day — T, you missed out on the good dessert). Then the cookies. Then the turkey while I made deviled eggs. At first I accidentally soft-boiled them, but they were fine with a little more cooking. I’m so Martha!

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So, there was the ABC World News Now segment, where you could watch me babble in the middle of the night about Gilmore Girls and John Ritter. We all missed that one collectively, as there was no warning, but apparently you can download it here.

I’m giving you warning on the next one. Tomorrow night, I’m going to be on The Tonight Show. Yes, the one with Jay Leno. No, not with Jay Leno. I wouldn’t exactly set your VCR’s. I’m not even sure if my segment will air. Yes, it’s just as shady as it sounds, right down to the phone call giving me the part yesterday.

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Two Stories

i finally got clearance

I had to wait a while to tell you these stories. I’ve finally been given permission. Actually, I think I was given permission a little while ago, but it wasn’t until I was looking at the picture sent by the car dealership of Eric and me standing in front of the new car, next to the old Club Pro that I remembered the little extra something someone will get when they buy Club Pro off that lot.

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Things That Make You Go "Ihhhh."

not like it isn’t my fault, really.

So I’m worried. About a few things.

I’m worried that I’m not the right person to show people Austin. I’ve got about four days left to become a cool Austin person before stee gets here and I’m supposed to be the one to show him how cool this place is. Homeboy doesn’t eat red meat, so the whole Texas Barbecue thing is thrown out the window. Maybe with all of the film things and sxsw parties he’ll never notice that I didn’t show him the town.

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where's bosie?

I was going to write about what could possibly have made me stay up all night Saturday playing a Video Fishing Game.

I was going to write about the really cool new postcards at Mighty Big TV

I was going to offer a list of things to do while Stee was away.

But I don’t want to anymore. Seeing that Rob and Julie are probably having their baby today makes me even more bittersweet.

It’s my sister’s 21st birthday today.

And I feel like she’s leaving my life faster and faster. I miss her. I don’t even really know how to get in touch with her today to wish her the best. I hope to see her this weekend.

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webcom.com is wasting our time

It’s 83 degrees outside and people are actually complaining that it’s too cold.  Texans.

I don’t even want to write this entry because I know as soon as I do my site will go down again and then no one will be able to read it all day long.  This has been a very frustrating week for Squishy.  My pages keep disappearing from my server.  Luckily I have everything saved on my machine, but it’s really frustrating.  If I had been using their GUI interface instead of FTP I would have lost all of my stuff.

Thanks for sending me mail letting me know when you were having problems.  Some of them I might not have noticed if you hadn’t.

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sugar shack

childhood memories involving chocolate

I have been sitting around looking at that box of chocolate and I’ve been flooded with so many memories:

When I was younger I was a chocolate hoarder.  I would never eat all of my Easter candy because I always wanted some left over for the option of eating later.  Having a younger sister made this difficult, so I would hide my Easter candy in my closet.  It never failed that right around Halloween time my mother would find a rock-hard Chocolate Easter Bunny with one missing ear near my folded up winter clothes.  She would complain that I was wasting candy.

Every Easter she would find my old plastic jack-o-lantern sitting under my good shoes with a layer of M&M’s at the bottom.

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the wall

or why i’m afraid of wallpaper

I got the part.  Starting August 1st I will be rehearsing for Polaroid Stories at Hyde Park Theatre, playing one Skinhead Girl.

We are going to have a “dialogue” about what my hair will look like.  So, for now, I’ll just keep wearing it long, hoping that I’ll get sick of its length in this heat by summer’s end.

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